July 2014 Summer Meeting

On Friday, July 18th, LDDI hosted its annual summer meeting at the Virginia Housing Center in Richmond.  The meeting was the largest summer gathering in LDDI’s eight-year history!  Following a presentation by LDDI students and a program update by LDDI Coordinator Dr. Randy Dymond, attendees heard a talk on Virginia’s new stormwater management regulations delivered by Fred Cunningham, Director Virginia Department of Environmental Quality / Office of Water Permits and Compliance Assistance.  To download Fred Cunningham’s talk as a pdf file, click here.

Following Mr. Cunningham’s talk, Dr. Dymond and Kevin Young presented a case study on Virginia’s Runoff Reduction Method, followed by comments by Bruce McGranahan (Fairfax County) and Roy Waugh (Bowman Consulting, Chair of the LDDI Advisory Board).  Presentation material from Friday’s meeting will be available for download from the LDDI website (www.lddi.cee.vt.edu) following final approval from DEQ.  The next meeting of LDDI’s general membership will be in January 2015 in northern Virginia.  Keep your eyes peeled for your invitation!