CEE 4274: Land Development Design

CEE 4274

Land Development Design

Course Summary: CEE 4274 provides students with an overview of land development projects including planning and design factors, construction practices, legal issues, and government policies. Computer based design assignments facilitate the understanding of land development planning and design.

Students present their final design project
Students present their final design project

Course Objectives:

  1. Learn where to go to find a locality’s standards for site and subdivision development and how to interpret those standards.
  2. Prepare a feasibility study for a land development project.
  3. Recognize environmental considerations associated with land development projects.
  4. Interpret and understand topographic maps and prepare grading plans for a site development.
  5. Design major infrastructure systems for a site, including sanitary, storm, water and roadway systems.
  6. Prepare a written report and an oral/visual presentation of the design project or one of its components.
  7. Work as a member of an integrated team to complete the project design, report, and presentation.

Professional Mentoring: Beginning in the fall 2006 semester, student design groups have been paired with a professional engineer who serves as a mentor throughout the entirety of the course. With guidelines provided by the course instructor, mentors select a site that their firm has worked on. The mentor will then provide their assigned group with raw site data including topography, planimetrics, and various design guidance such as zoning and subdivision regulations for the locality in which the site is located. Throughout the semester, students and mentors communicate with weekly conference calls, email, and face-to-face meetings. This unique aspect of the course is tremendously popular among students.

All the recorded final presentations are now hosted on the LDDI YouTube Channel here:


A professional mentor acquaints students with their design project
A professional mentor acquaints students with their design project