CEE 4264: Sustainable Land Development

CEE 4264

Sustainable Land Development

Sustainability is the study of how we can interact with our environment in a way that: 1) does not deplete renewable resources in quantity or quality and, 2) maintains a high level of environmental stewardship, while balancing social and economic needs. Sustainable Land Development alters the use of a parcel of land into another use that is economically and socially beneficial while seeking to maintain the pre-development quality of environment.


Course Objectives:

  • Evaluate design strategies related to linkage, density, mixed land use, and other sustainable elements.
  • Recognize the impact of land use intensification on surface runoff patterns, air quality and microclimate, and living resources.
  • Prepare a group oral/visual report on sustainable design and construction strategies for real development case studies.
  • Interpret LEED ND (Neighborhood Design) guidelines and specifications as they relate to site and building design.
  • Visit local sustainable development projects.