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    Dymand at the site
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The Land Development Design Initiative (LDDI) is a collaborative effort of the Via Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech with industry practitioners. The three primary objectives of LDDI are:

  1. Improving land development design education, including increasing student awareness of land development design as a career path
  2. Increasing interaction between practitioners and undergraduate civil engineering students at Virginia Tech
  3. Enhancing research efforts in the land development area

The Initiative has made significant strides to improve land development design education at Virginia Tech and to increase student awareness of land development design as a career path. The Initiative also promotes the interaction between students and practitioners. LDDI now involves more than 170 engineering and land development firms, many of which provide financial support. Regarding corporate sponsorships, LDDI is an Virginia Tech Academic Partnership Program, a program specifically aimed at encouraging corporate/academic collaboration.  As such, corporate sponsorships are not tax-deductible, but varying levels of sponsorships carry different types of benefits to the sponsors themselves.  Click the button to learn more...

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Four committees support LDDI:
  1. Curriculum and Course Enhancement Committee (CCEC)
  2. Practitioner Involvement Committee (PIC)
  3. Outreach Committee (OC)
  4. Research and Development Committee (RDC)

If you have questions about LDDI or would like to become involved, please contact us!


News and Announcements
  • LDDI Adds New Advisory Board Members

    On April 24th, the LDDI Advisory Board convened on campus to elect new officers and committee chairs, review and update the program’s strategic plan and budget, critically evaluate the need for increased program resources, and discuss means of ensuring long-term sustainability. Additionally, this meeting was the first for the LDDI Advisory Board’s newest members.  Please join me in welcoming the following individuals to the Board!

  • Kevin Young Receives COE Teaching Award

    In April, LDDI Assistant Coordinator Kevin Young received word that he had been awarded a College of Engineering Certificate of Teaching Excellence.   Each year, this award is given to only four faculty members in the entire College of Engineering.  Currently, Kevin teaches three courses: CEE 2814 – Civil Engineering Measurements, CEE 3274 – Introduction to Land Development Design, and CEE 4274 – Land Development Design.  Receipt of the prestigious Certificate of Teaching Excellence is a testament to Kevin’s commitment to his students in these courses.  Please join all of us affiliated with LDDI in congratulating Kevin!

  • March 2015 Design Charrette

    On Tuesday, March 31st, LDDI hosted its third annual Design Charrette and Competition.  In total, six student teams competed for the top prize of a $100 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings.  Skip Notte (Dewberry) served as the event’s organizer for the second time, and made the trip to Blacksburg from Charlotte to lead the event.  Following Skip’s introduction to the site and development objectives, student teams were given one hour to work on their designs.  Scott Kroll (Draper Aden Associates) and Clay Hodges (AHV, Inc.) served as judges for the event along with Skip.  The winning team was made up of Casey Heron and Bryant Inge, both of whom are currently enrolled in CEE 4274 – Land Development Design. 


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Departmental News and Highlights


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Contact Us

LDDI Coordinator

Dr. Randy Dymond, PE
220-C Patton Hall
Via Dept. of Civil & Env. Engineering
750 Drillfield Drive
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Tel. : (540) 231-9023
E-mail: dymond(at)

LDDI Assistant Coordinator

Mr. Kevin Young, PE
308 Patton Hall
Via Dept. of Civil & Env. Engineering
750 Drillfield Drive
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Tel.: (540) 231-2474
E-mail: keyoung(at)