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    Dymand at the site
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The Land Development Design Initiative (LDDI) is a collaborative effort of the Via Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech with industry practitioners. The two primary objectives of LDDI are:

  1. Improving land development design education, including increasing student awareness of land development design as a career path
  2. Increasing interaction between practitioners and undergraduate civil engineering students at Virginia Tech

The Initiative has made significant strides to improve land development design education at Virginia Tech and to increase student awareness of land development design as a career path. The Initiative also promotes the interaction between students and practitioners. LDDI now involves more than 70 engineering and land development firms, many of which provide financial support. Regarding corporate sponsorships, LDDI is an Virginia Tech Academic Partnership Program, a program specifically aimed at encouraging corporate/academic collaboration.  As such, corporate sponsorships are not tax-deductible, but varying levels of sponsorships carry different types of benefits to the sponsors themselves.  Click the button to learn more...

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Four committees support LDDI:
  1. Curriculum and Course Enhancement Committee (CCEC)
  2. Practitioner Involvement Committee (PIC)
  3. Outreach Committee (OC)
  4. Research and Development Committee (RDC)

If you have questions about LDDI or would like to become involved, please contact us!


News and Announcements
  • LDDI Involved in Drillfield Improvement Committee

    For many Hokies, there’s no more prominent feature of campus than the Drillfield.  Each day, thousands of students cross the Drillfield on their way to class, and at almost any time you can find a pickup game of soccer or football being played, frisbees being tossed, students studying or catching a quick nap under one of its many trees, or these days having a snowball fight.  However, due to this heavy use, it is a challenge to maintain a visually appealing landscape, and by the end of each semester numerous unsightly “cow paths” cover the Drillfield.  During the fall 2014 semester, Virginia Tech assembled an interdisciplinary team to evaluate alternatives to the paths that currently cross the Drillfield.  The team has been tasked with identifying options that can accommodate the massive amount of foot traffic on the Drillfield, while also considering those with special mobility needs, aesthetics, maintenance, and preservation of the Drillfield’s unique character.  LDDI Coordinator Dr. Randy Dymond and Sustainable Land Development Club (SLDC) President Michael Roselius are currently serving on the Drillfield Committee.  Michael’s role allows him to serve as a bit of a liaison between the student body and the committee.  Embracing this role, Michael said, “As a student representative, I hope to share insight to our  decisions with my classmates so as to get real opinions on the future of the Drillfield before implementation.  This also provides me with an opportunity to relay our students’ ideas back to the committee.”  Michael added, “By reaching out to various student constituencies, I can bring a significant portion of the student body’s opinions and ideas to this committee.” Dr. Dymond also got students from the CEE 4264 Sustainable Land Development class involved by having them do a special homework assignment on the Drillfield Project. For more information on the Drillfield improvement efforts, please click here.  

  • January 2015 LDDI Meeting in Arlington

    On Friday, January 9th, LDDI hosted its annual winter meeting in northern Virginia.  This year, the meeting moved inside the beltway, and was held at the Virginia Tech Executive Briefing Center in Arlington.  The meeting featured presentations by LDDI students, a program update, and a series of guest speakers talking about the unique challenges associated with urban redevelopment in northern Virginia.  Joining the presentation was Robert Gibson (Arlington County Department of Environmental Services), Brian Scull (The Shooshan Company), and Terry Simon (Clark Construction).  Approximately 60 attendees braved the bone-chilling cold and were awarded two PDH credits for their attendance.  The next LDDI general meeting will be held this summer in Richmond.  Please keep a look out for a “save the date” to be sent later this spring.

  • July 2014 Summer Meeting

    On Friday, July 18th, LDDI hosted its annual summer meeting at the Virginia Housing Center in Richmond.  The meeting was the largest summer gathering in LDDI's eight-year history!  Following a presentation by LDDI students and a program update by LDDI Coordinator Dr. Randy Dymond, attendees heard a talk on Virginia's new stormwater management regulations delivered by Fred Cunningham, Director Virginia Department of Environmental Quality / Office of Water Permits and Compliance Assistance.    To download Mr. Cunningham's talk as a pdf file, click here.

    Following Mr. Cunningham's talk, Dr. Dymond and Kevin Young presented a case study on Virginia's Runoff Reduction Method, followed by comments by Bruce McGranahan (Fairfax County) and Roy Waugh (Bowman Consulting, Chair of the LDDI Advisory Board).  Presentation material from Friday's meeting is now available at these links: Case Study PDF File and the Virginia Runoff Reduction Case Study Spreadsheet - July 2014 (XLSM | 712KB) .  [Note that you should download the pdf file and view it locally as a number of the slides contain comments viewable by hovering your mouse over a comments bubble in the upper left of the slide.  The comments are viewable in Acrobat, but not in a browser window.]  The next meeting of LDDI's general membership will be in January 2015 in northern Virginia.  Keep your eyes peeled for your invitation!


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Contact Us

LDDI Coordinator

Dr. Randy Dymond, PE
220-C Patton Hall
Via Dept. of Civil & Env. Engineering
750 Drillfield Drive
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Tel. : (540) 231-9023
E-mail: dymond(at)

LDDI Assistant Coordinator

Mr. Kevin Young, PE
308 Patton Hall
Via Dept. of Civil & Env. Engineering
750 Drillfield Drive
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Tel.: (540) 231-2474
E-mail: keyoung(at)